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BANF Grant Submission

Founder and Executive Director Errin Hatter's response to the question "What is I Colori dell'opera's mission and where does it stand in the 'Black Lives Matter' movement?"

This excerpt is from June 2020 during a virtual Juneteenth concert. It also contains a poster from the most recent Juneteenth concert in 2022 and an excerpt from the below 20th century "Spooky Soprani" concert.

This concert was produced as a fun, informal concert highlighting 20th century composers performed by sopranos and pianist of color in October 2021 in Houston, TX at Garza Studios.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month,

I Colori dell'opera presented Spotlight on Latinx Composers.

Premiered on Tuesday, September 15 at 6pm, with a set of mini-concerts that continued every Thursday throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.

Join us as we celebrate the art songs of Latinx composers.

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Turquoise Paneled Wall

I Colori Dell'opera


Spotlight on Latinx Composers

Meet the Performers

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