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  • What is I Colori dell'opera?
    I Colori dell'Opera is a group of Houston-based professional opera singers who perform regularly through its many performance troupes. Additionally, this is the sponsoring group of the I Colori HVSS--I Colori Houston-based Vocal Pedagogy Scenes Program for Singers. This is an organization whose sole purpose is to increase representation of minority groups in Opera and classical singing. The main goal is to train the next generation of singers, while being exemplary members of the Houston opera community.
  • What is the HVSS program?
    The Houston-based Vocal Techniques and Scenes Program for Singers is the training program meant for students in unsupported or minimally supported programs. It is also a institute for younger singers or beginning singers wondering what their next step it. The program is the stepping stone that will bridge the gap into studying in a university setting between high school and university, between community college and university or between lower level graduate courses into upper level studies into emerging professional careers. This covers many age ranges and we do not limit access to our program based on an age range. Our ideal student is: --Recent Graduate of high school that enjoyed choir or enrolled in private lessons and has interest in continuing that passion on the university level either as a major or as an elective. --A community college vocal studies student who is soon to audition or recently accepted in to university level vocal studies. --An "older" student who has some vocal training, but very little stage experience.
  • How Can I support I Colori Dell'opera & HVSS?
    You can support us by attending our concerts, master classes, as well as purchasing an item to help promote our mission and our brand. Additionally, you can sponsor (partially or fully) a student in our training program. We also accept donations throughout the year.
  • How do I become a singer with I Colori dell'opera?
    Our application process has not begun for singers just yet. We will require a video audition and a CV sent to us. For now, the members of I Colori dell'opera are the staff of our HVSS Summer Institute. You can apply to teach in our summer program on our Prospective Instructors' page.
  • How do I become a teacher for the HVSS Institute?
    Apply now on our Prospective Instructors' page. Teachers must posess adequate education and training. Also, we prefer each of our teachers to be affiliated with the Opera community here in Houston. However, we welcome newcomers or those who will be in Houston for the duration of our program to Houston to apply as a visiting artist.
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